Jose Reyes’s Rehab Assignment

On April 12th, Jose Reyes sprained his ankle while sliding into second base on a stolen base attempt in Kansas City. Reyes was supposed to return in mid-July but made a quick return after some brief rehabbing in the minors.

Reyes started his rehab by playing a simulated game on Friday, June 14. Then he started for Class High-A Dunedin on that Monday. He played 3 games at that level, batting .417 with 5 hits, all singles, in 12 at-bats. On Friday, he advanced to AAA Buffalo where I was able to see him play. He batted .412 with 7 hits and 1 double in 17 at-bats. I was able to attend 3 of the 4 games Reyes was in Buffalo. I saw him play on Friday, Sunday, and Monday. I would have gone on Saturday, but it was Star Wars Night at Coca Cola Field so I decided not to go because this is one of their more popular promotions. In fact, all 18,025 of Coca Cola Field’s seats were filled that day. Anyway, I obtained 27 balls in those 3 games and I was able to get Jose Reyes’s autograph 4 times. I got one of his foul balls on Sunday so I was able to get that signed in the players’ parking lot after the game. Then, on Monday, I got Jose to sign in the players’ parking lot again. This time, I got him to sign 3 different items! Once on an overpriced Major League ball, once on a 2006 Topps card, and another on a brand new Blue Jays hat. Reyes was very friendly and signed for anyone that asked. He is truly a class act.

Back to his playing, Jose played his first game back on Wednesday in Tampa Bay, and went 0-4. Then, he went 0-2 in Boston yesterday. Hopefully, he’ll pick up again soon.



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